i've got a new toy!

its a mandolin!

its on loan from mrs plowy's family and my task is to have a tune playable by christmas.

so far i've given it a good polish and re-strung it. its been a challenge to keep in tune but once it settles down i hope to get a least a few notes out of it.

i'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

remembering rhys

one of the most moving things i've seen in a very long time is the sight of the family of the late rhys jones standing on the hallowed turf of anfield, wearing the blue of everton as the theme from z-cars, the song everton run out to every week, was played for all to hear.

i was not ashamed to say it made me weep with sadness but also with a sense of pride. pride in the fact that football can still be something that brings people together and gives them a way to pay tribute to someone like rhys.

today my brother told me that rhys's father stephen had written a poem about his son and his untimely death and having read it i felt i had to post it here for others to read;

A poem written by Rhys’s father, Stephen

Now God wanted a football match
And to play it up in heaven
But first he needed players
And select his first eleven

Georgie Best, big Brian Labone
The legend Dixie Dean
Alan Ball and Bobby Moore
All made it in the team

He needed one more player
Someone who would be quick
From up above he looked down
And saw Rhys there in his kit

So Rhys was taken up above
God took him by the hand
To play the game he loved so much
Where sponsorship is banned

There is no cheating either as
God is the referee
There are no mega wages
And the transfers they are free

The games are live on telly
You don't have to subscribe
The players all stay on their feet
Cos no one takes a dive

So Rhys plays now so happily
To the angels in the crowd
And every time he hits the net
They roar his name so loud

Have fun my little blue boy
You’re safe and in God’s care
‘Till it’s time for me to get my boots
And join with you up there

may rhys rest in peace, may his family and friends remember him with love and may the person who brought this tragedy upon them meet with swift justice.


did you know...(#5)

...the fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

when does a courgette become a marrow?

just before we got hitched and went away on honeymoon, i popped down to our slightly neglected allotment to check it over before abandoning it for a few weeks. imagine my surprise when i clapped eyes on one of our courgette plants.

now i'm not up to date on the current EU directive on courgette size and when it should be termed a marrow, but this has to be the biggest one i've ever seen (approx 12cm end to end).

unfortunately we were unable to sample it as we hadn't time, so our neighbour was the grateful recipient of it along with a couple of lettuces.

hopefully we'll have something to tuck into soon!

we've only gone and done it!!!

as you can see we are now officailly mr & mrs plowy. we had a wonderful day, the sun shone and the new mrs plowy looked stunning.

i'd just like to thank everyone who helped make our day so happy and a day both of us will never forget.