elmswell c.c. make it 3 wins in a row

with two wins added to our record since i last updated things on the cricket front, we've now made it three wins in a row in the league.

a good performance with the bat (including a 24 from me!) saw us beat second place
cavendish wanderers by 3 wickets a fortnight ago.

then last week we were fortunate to accept a win on a very wet weekend as horringer had to concede the match due to them being unable to get a team together(not really a win i know but they all count).

tomorrow we play earl stonham in what could be a very close game in the battle for the second promotion place in division 3.

well done mrs p

well done mrs p for completing this years race for life in ipswich.
it was more of a swim for life with the heavy rain that fell pretty much all the time but that didn't seem to slow anyone down.
congratulations to mrs p, colleen (see pre-race picture above), and all those who took part in ipswich and across the country.