you say tomato, i say tomato

some tomatoes from our allotment.


wicket keeper with 10 broken fingers

in 45 years time i hope my hands don't end up looking like this guy's!

david morrison has kept wicket for his local village team, barton cc in north yorkshire, for almost half a century and has managed to break all his fingers and both thumbs.

in his younger days (when he wore only thin chamois gloves for protection) he was reluctant to seek medical attention for fear of losing his place so it was on with the frozen peas for a few minutes then back out on the field.

now, at the age of 62, he's still in the wars. last weekend he picked up both a darlington and district league championship medal and a black eye when a 16-year old leg spinner caught him unawares.

they certainly don't make'm like that anymore!


the good...the bad...and the ugly!

the good.......................the bad.........................and the ugly!

yes, you've guessed it. we've neglected our allotment a bit lately. it's been a bit of a busy summer and unfortunately the allotment has not been top of our list. but now its time for "operation trowel"!

this saturday we plan to give the plot a real good going over to get it fully cleared again and ready for next year. we'll be digging over the natural fertiliser that has been growing on the left side of the plot (they aren't weeds, honest) and finishing digging the final bed at the back of the plot.

we're also going to trim the paths and lay some old bricks around the beds that don't already have edging, just to tidy things up really.

so hopefully by the end of the weekend i'll have some better pictures to show you.


did you know... (#6)

...due to high metal prices in 2006, 2p coins minted before 1992 were actually worth 3p each!


whatever happened to 'olympic spirit?

this story from bbc news made me laugh but also a bit angry.

i totally understand the need to protect the 2012 brand so it isn't used for major counterfeiting or the like - but banning sausages? come on!

elmswell cricket club on the up (again!)

summer is coming to an end (if it ever started!) and with it the cricket season.
my team, elmswell cc, have managed to get promoted for the second season in a row. we finished second in the suffolk cricket league div 4, behind the very impressive team from hadleigh (although we did beat them at their place).

all being well, next season i should be playing from the start of the season so, weather permitting, i should get a few more games than this year. its going to be tough in division 3 as the standard will be a lot higher but i think we can rise to the challenge.