the sound of leather on willow

its getting closer, i can almost hear it, the sound of the new cricket season for elmswell cc looming on the horizon (can a sound loom on the horizon? well you know what i mean!).

our first match is a friendly against lavenham towards the end of april and i'm really looking forward to it. not sure if mrs p is but i think she secretly likes the lazy sunday afternoons watching us play.

this season we're in division 3 so things are going to be a bit tougher i think, and we've also decided to enter this seasons cup competition too just to spice things up a bit.

anyway, i'll be keeping a record of our games on here so be sure to come back every sunday night (or bit later in the week if i'm too tired to blog) to find out how we're doing.


did you know...(no.8)

... tonight is the lenten moon? well you do now!

i actually got this fact from a really cool allotment blog called bean sprouts.

basically this is the reason why easter is so early. easter sunday must fall on the first sunday after the first full moon after the equinox. as the equinox was yesterday and the full moon is tonight then this sunday is easter sunday! easy hey?

also (bonus 'did you know' coming up!) this easter is only one day short of the earliest that is possible (22nd march). however, this won't happen until the year 2285 and it won't be on 23rd march again until 2160.


east fife fizz goes flat

poor old east fife football club have been banned from celebrating their championship success with the traditional shower of bubbly.

it appears that the problem was nothing to do with the contents of the bottles but the bottles themselves. according to officers from central scotland police the law states that glass containers are not permitted inside sporting grounds.

i can just see it now, lewis hamilton wins the british grand prix and is handed a plastic bottle of bubbly, with the plastic cap removed for his own safety!

cool video