me and mrs plowy (soon to be) have decided to start planning what will be the trip of a lifetime.

we both really fancied going to new zealand but didn't really see the point in going for just a couple of weeks as there's just too much to take in.

so, after seeing them telly, we've decided to hire a really cool campervan and drive from one end of the country to the other. now when i say "campervan" i don't mean any old thing i mean one of these babies!

each van is individually painted with a different design and there are loads to choose from. they are fairly roomy (for a van!) and have a surprising range of facilities.

Its hopefully gonna be the trip of a lifetime, with the freedom to go almost anywhere we want and the pace we want.

It want happen for a couple of years as we'll have to save quite a bit but its something to aim for. watch this space!

ps. the title of this post is an in joke for anyone who has played a childs boardgame called 'jump the queue'. you know who you are! (camper, limpo, scooooooooter!)