it grows on you

after all the fuss about the new logo for the london 2012 games (now i'm gonna say the next bit quietly) it's actually beginning to grow on me a little bit.

what about the price? £400k? yes it is a lot of money, but compared to the rest of the 2012 budget, and compared to the huge amounts of money spent by private companies (and other public sector organisations) it is actually not that much.

you can't fault the boldness of seb and his team on choosing a very striking and provocative design, and it has certainly gained a reaction. but what would you prefer? a logo that no one can remember and disappears even before the games have begun (there's still 5 years to go don't forget), or something the gets a reaction and will last in people's memories for a long time to come (good or bad). i know which i'd choose.

ps. i think it looks better against a dark background like at the end of the launch video (don't worry, its safe now!).


Howie G said...

isn't football mainly to launder drug money. I don't mean if you play a game with your friends in the local park!